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Do you own a business, or do you hold a job?


Understanding the difference is imperative to creating a business machine that works for you. You can quickly identify which of the above-mentioned applies to you through the Bus Test:


What would happen to your business if you were hit by a bus?


If your business depends on you so much that it would cease to exist, then you own a job. Alternatively, if your departure will only slightly and temporarily affect the business operation, then you have a real business. Being run over by a bus is a metaphor which forces you to separate yourself from the daily duties. It’s a metaphor that is capable of giving you back your life.


Helping our clients build amazing businesses is in our blood. Seeing businesses succeed excites us and drives our passion. By identifying the gap between where you are now to where you need be, we first focus on understanding your purpose and clearly defining the vision and direction of all stakeholders. We then work together with you to develop strategies and business plans individually tailored to shape and deliver on your agenda.

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